Exploring the Delta

A trip along the northern most branch of the Danube Delta proved to be both educational and exciting.  This time we traveled over 50 kilometers by the NOROC van on a road that was, in a word, unimproved.  The road follows the Chilia Branch of the Danube river through some of the the most sparsely inhabited land in Tulcea County, and in the entire country of Romania.  The charm of traditional villages, an occasional forest, and fields of corn, wheat, and barely were the setting for a spectacular show of wild geese migrating from Russia to Romania for the winter.  Literally thousands of these geese could be seen landing in the fields in search of food.  It is one of the largest bird migrations in Europe, and a rare sight to be seen.  Dan Bandacu, the leader of NOROC's photography group, led the trip.   

Dan gives instructions on how to focus the camera. In addition his knowledge of birds, plants, and agronomy one of his passions is to teach others to love photography as much as he does.

This lens should do it!

Patience and persistence are an essential part of bird photography.

This is tasty!

We asked the children to name their favorite food we have prepared on their weekly trips to Casa Noua.  Most of them said, "Everything!"  One boy said his favorite thing was washing the dishes.  Another said he liked eating the tasty food.  All of them liked getting to lick the bowls, and beaters, and spoons.  We even captured an unexpected photo of someone licking the counter top!  He didn't want any of that tasty food to go to waste.  What fun it has been for us to see their enjoyment in the process, and to grow in their understanding of how to work together!