Taking turns

Cooking is one of the favorite activities for small groups that come to Casa Noua.  In addition to tasting new foods and learning some new English words, the children also learn about cooperation and teamwork.  This week one group put into practice what they have been experiencing in the kitchen.  They automatically began to take turns while preparing the tortilla roll-ups, which would be our snack for the day.  We didn't say a word, they just did it.  This may not seem like anything spectacular, but for children who live in the institutions this is monumental.  Sharing and taking turns does not come naturally, because in their world it is the survival of the fittest.  We are so happy to have the chance to teach alternative ways to interact.

One more card and then I am out!

A volunteer to wash the dishes!

La Multi Ani, times three

This week we hosted the last movie night for the season at Casa Noua.  Last week it was girls only, so this week it was boys only.  They wanted a horror movie so we managed to find one we thought was appropriate. (It must not be too scary for Carol, so if it passes that test it is OK to show to the kids. 🙂)  The movie nights are a fun time for the kids, and everyone over the age of 13 who wanted to come has had a chance to attend at least once. Some have come several times.  This week there were three boys attending with back-to-back birthdays, but with all different ages.  We couldn't resist a photo of them together!  As usual, the popcorn and Crazy Cake were very popular.

They are 14, 15, and 17 years old. Can you guess who is what age?

Intermission...please don't take my picture!

It's almost time to begin again.

An update for the computer lab at the LCLC

There have been some recent changes to the computer lab to upgrade the modem, install new plugs and cords, and create a much more user friendly area.  The lab is used at least 3-4 times per week so this will be an extremely welcome addition.