Friday was a holiday for the children in grades K-4, so the ones who live at 2 of the small group homes came to Casa Noua for an joint activity.  The ones who are in the 5th grade had to go to school!  We presented the story about Jacob's dream (from the Old Testament) and then made Native American dreamcatchers.  We also made fruit salad for snack, and they had a chance to play outside.  

Cups = cesti

Cooking is a favorite activitiy for all ages, and it also provides an opportunity to learn some new words.  For us it is Romanian words...for the children it is English words.  No matter what, the process is fun and the products are delicious.  What a great combination!  And while the cookies are baking, we learn more with a game of Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza!  More fun words to learn!

A first time for everything

Do you remember the first time you cracked an egg, or used an electric mixer?  This group had lots of "firsts" today in the art of cooking.  They learned how to crack and egg, how to use a mixer, and how to measure different types of ingredients.  The excitement of the first time is something we hope they will never forget.