Feast or Famine?

Recently the younger kids from Speranta learned about the story of Joseph and the years of plenty and scarcity.  Often, the children in the institutions perceive that they live in a world of scarcity, but when they come to Casa Noua to learn stories from the Bible,  prepare their own snacks, and play with Lego they get to experience the world of plenty.  How much better can it get?

Will there be enough to eat?

There is always enough to eat at Casa Noua.

Rich also enjoys the Land of Lego Plenty!

Movie Night Continues

We continue to host a different group of older youth from various centers in Tulcea for a movie each Saturday evening.  With popcorn and Carol's now famous "Tort Nebun"  (Crazy Cake) the intermission provides a time for fellowship as well as stretching our legs.  Each movie seems to be better than the last.

Going to the Fair

This weekend in the Tulcea Civic Plaza a group of merchants selling products made in the region of Dobrogea, where Tulcea is located,  gathered to promote their ethnic heritage with food, drink, textiles and pottery.  This was the inaugural year for such an event.  The plan is to expand in scope in coming years.  Dobrogea is an ethnographic melting pot with ethnic groups for Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Macedonia and Greece to name a few.   The sights and smells are tantalizing to the senses.  Too bad we can't "blog" the smells for you, too!

A little art is good for everyone!

This week Marilena Solca introduced her small group to the famous Belgian artist Rene Magritte.  Marilena, a retired French teacher, has traveled extensively in Europe and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the arts with young people.  The discussion was lively and will hopefully invoke some future thoughts in these youth about the value of learning through the visual arts.

A Chance to Shine

The city of Tulcea offers after school activities for youth in a variety of areas.  Nicu, one of the boys from the Speranta center, is devoted to learning and singing traditional Romania folk songs.  Recently, he was part of a show, or "spectacol", and performed on stage for a community audience.  He wore a traditional costume as well.  Creative outlets such as this help the children and youth develop a strong self-image.  NOROC encourages the children be involved in community activities whenever possible.