What shall it be...a Ford, an Opel, or a VW?

Everyone knows that the first step in purchasing is a new vehicle is to do some research on the web and then to actually go see the real thing.  Petru did the research, and then Petru, Rich, Mr. Barbu and I went to look at some possibilities.  We had to travel to Constanta to do that, since none are available in Tulcea.  Two choices of 9 passenger vans in Constanta are manufactured by Ford and Opel.  After seeing the vehicles in person and meeting with the salespersons, we have a better idea of what is available and what we (NOROC) can afford.   

Joseph and his coat...

This week the youngest children from Speranta center learned about Joseph and his coat of many colors.  After Rich told the story, the children were able to retell it using the flannel board figures.  For our snack, we enjoyed pineapple upside down cake which the children prepared themselves.  Cooking is so much fun and the reward is always tasty. However, my favorite part of these activities is listening to Ioana translate the Bible Stories into Romanian for the children.  She comes with a solid knowledge of the stories which she translates with enthusiasm and animation!

And they keep coming...

NOROC's Thursday nght Bible Study for older youth is going strong.  Last week there were 24 kids who attended, the week before 20, and this week 20.  The space in The Club at Casa Noastra is packed full each week.  The leader, Adrian, has a special connection with the young people, and is working to build a community of trust and caring based on Christian ethics.  

The fruits of the vine

On the second level balcony of the NOROC office we can see resplendent "fruits of the vine" this time of year.  They are sweet and juicy table grapes just there for the picking.  Every who visits the office MUST take at least one of handful of these lucious grapes.  No one tends to them, or even waters them.  They grow on their own from a vine that appears to originate from the ground below.  Yet, we are able to enjoy the fruits of someone's labor!