Just when you think you know what is going to don't!  Rich, Patti and I  thought we were meeting Nicu Danu and his fiance, Valentina, for dinner in Bucuresti but we were surprised by an unexpected guest, our son Costica.  He was able to get leave from his job so he could see Patti before she returned to the US.  A second surprise was for all of us.  Our first 3 choices of restaurants to eat at were closed, so we instead went to IKEA.  The food was good and the company was even better!

From left to right: Valentina, Nicu, Costica, Carol & Patti.

Movie Night 2

Well, it's a tradtion!  The first Movie Night at Casa Noua was such a big hit that we had a second one, and are planning for one every Saturday night as long as we are here.  So, I guess the question is:  "How many movie nights does it take to make a tradition?"  The magic number of kids who can attend each night is 12:  1 van load and 1 car load, so we are rotating the kids who come until we make it through everyone from age 14 and up.  Then we will start over again.  Each week we have kids from several different centers coming at the same time which gives them the opportunity to get to know kids from other centers.  When it is too cool to have the movie outside, we just hang a big sheet on the inside wall and still have the "big screen" effect.  Thanks to Netflix, we have many choice of free movies.  What more could we ask for, besides popcorn and hot cocoa?

The Bunny Hop Lives!

The movie tonight was over with a little time to spare, so the kids asked if they could stay for a little longer to dance.  So, the movie theater quickly became the dance floor and one of the girls plugged her phone into the speaker for instant music.  To our surprise the music was for some traditional Romanian dances and as well as some dances popular in the USA "back in our day."  You can see that both the Bunny Hop and the more mature folks in the group are still alive and well in 2019!😀

It must have been good.

The plate is empty, so it must have been good!  Our group of middle school age boys from Speranta had a wonderful time making a cake today.  They measured, stirred, and then poured the batter into the pan.  Once again, the miracle of chemistry turned the individual ingredients into a delicious treat!  They boys amazed themselves with their prowress at baking and want to do it again.  

Here's to a job well done. NOROC!

Slowly but surely...

My advice is to follow the recipe.