Harvest Festival Comes to Piata Civica

The sights, sounds and smells that fill the main Civic Plaza in Tulcea remind us of the rural nature of Romania with colorful fresh fruits and vegetables, sausages and mici (small ground meat fingers) simmering on the grills, and even a whole pig roasting on a spit.  Artisans selling their wares complete the scene.  All of these things bombard our senses and make us want to simply stop and take it all in, capturing this moment in time.  Does it get any better?

And who thought fruits and vegetables could be so beautiful!

Our friend Georgita is helping to roast the pig .

Barrels, anyone?

Is that Rich and Carol taking a break?

Cabbage is a staple of Romanian cuisine and mussels remind us of the river and sea close by.

Bags and more bags

Here in Tulcea, partners work together to better serve the children.  One of our partners, Radiant Hope, located a business owner who donated many bags of clothing and shoes for all ages.  Here you can see the bags stacked nearly to the ceiling in our storage facility at Casa Noua.  The NOROC staff is working to sort and categorize the clothing so it can be more easily distributed.  Some of the clothing has already been given to needy families and schools.