Hidden Talents

Little did we know that the illustrious leader of NOROC in Tulcea, who is better known to us as Petru, had so many hidden talents!  We just had to share this collage of photos from a recent birthday celebration. The photos highlight Petru's ability to do more than lead the NOROC foundation! 

Need we say more?

Is it crazy or isn't it?

I am always searching for new recipes that the children can make when they visit Casa Noua.  Actually, I am always searching for recipes that I can translate into Romanian so the children can make them.  So, even with Ioana the help translate, I am limited by my ability to translate a recipe into Romanian.  And, of course, that means I have to admit that I have limits to my abilities...not an easy thing for a Type A+ perfectionist!  Is it crazy or isn't it? 

Yesterday we made "Crazy Cake" with the youngest children from Speranta. It is an old recipe from the Depression and is very simple, but very tasty.  While the cake was baking we had a Bible story and then played outside.  We ate the cake for snack and the children went back to the orphanage very pleased with themselves as cooks. 

Today an older group of boys came to Casa Noua (from the same center) and wanted to know what they would be cooking today.  Not only had they heard about the marvelous cake the group made yesterday, but they also knew what ingredients were needed to make it. We had not even considered a cooking activity with this group because they were older boys.  We thought for sure they would prefer to play archery or ping pong or soccer outdoors instead of cooking inside.  (However, we did manage to sneak in a short English lesson.)  

Is it crazy or isn't it?  I think we (Carol, Rich, and Ioana) learned something today, and that is to always think outside of the box, even if we think it is crazy!

I think you say it like this!

I am aiming for the target!

A Night At The Movies

What do you get when you project a movie onto the outdside wall of Casa Noua, add a big speaker, and serve popcorn and hot cocoa?  You have a night at the movies!  This was a first for NOROC as far as we know, and the brain child of Rich.  We even had solar powered twinkle lights to adorn the pavilion, which conveniently faces the white, two story outside wall. Benches, built by previous work teams from Palo Duro Presbytery,  provided seating for 12 teenagers and 4 adults.  It was a rousing success!  Although the event required special permission from the Department for the youth to stay out later than usual,  it was worth the extra effort.  (Carol has now included in her skill set the ability to create an official document for a NOROC activity.)  The attendees were perfect ladies and gentlemen, and they are already talking about the next time.  Unfortunately the photographer, Carol, didn't have the camera on the correct setting so the outdoor photo isn't what we hoped for, but you get the idea.  

Lets count heads to make sure we don't lose anyone.