So much to little time!

The Danube River and Delta Biosphere are exceptional places and afford a multitude of opportunities to learn. The Danube Delta Eco-Turism Museum Center located in Tulcea is a wonderful place to begin an educational journey of the history, importance, and uniqeness of the Delta.  Rich and I have been on many boat trips into the Delta during our trips to Tulcea, each one a unique experience in itself, but the museum deepened our understanding.  We were so lucky to be the guests of Tori and her small group as we all learned together about the Delta!


After watching the documentary film about the Delta, the boys in Tori's group searched the dioramas to find the answers to a crossword puzzle. We check our answers and then Tori had some additional questions of her own for us. One of the boys took me under his wing and we worked together! We had fun and learned a lot.

Pelicans, swans, water lilies, reeds, forest animals...unique species found only in the Delta...are depicted in the realistic dioramas.

The muzeum also includes aquariums with sea life specific to the Danube Delta. It is both an educational and entertaining experience!

The Sulina Center for Children

With a limited number of activities available in Sulina, the children at the Center welcome us as  NOROC ambassadors.  The message we bring to them is one of hope and is built on Christ, the foundation of our faith.


This group finished first, but will their tower be the tallest?

Felicia, NOROC's Aflatoun leader at the Sulina Center and a primary school teacher, helped us translate the Bible study activity. Many thanks, Felicia!

Smiles all around...our tower is the tallest!

Sulina, rich in multicultural heritage

Sulina is the city at the end of the Sulina branch of the Danube River, one of the three channels where the Danube empties into the Black Sea.  It was settled by many different cultures from Eastern Europe and has both a Mediterranean look and feel.  Because it is accessible only by boat it remains somewhat isolated, almost as if time has stood still.  The economy is primarily based on the river, the Delta and the sea, so fish and everything related to fishing dominate the culture.

The old lighthouse, built in the last half of the 19th century, is a museum today. Then, it was right on the edge of the Black Sea, but as the Danube continues to deposit soil at its mouth, the light house gets farther and farther from the edge of the sea.

An antique, horse-drawn hearse at the Sulina Cemetery is listing a little to starboard side.

A 5 kilometer walk from the center of town will bring you to the Black Sea, so named because its waters look very dark, and almost black in color.

Since the Sulina channel of the Danube River is maintained to accommodate sea-faring vessels it is common to see large ships and barges making their way up the channel toward Tulcea. This freighter had a 5 story tower rising out of its hull.

One of the "must haves" when you are in Romania!

Covrigi...Romanian snacks on a string.


These snacks are somewhat like an American pretzel in texture, but are not quite the same. They have a slightly sweet coating and aroma, and are often sprinkled with sesame seeds or poppy seeds, as these are.

Luckily, Rich saved some covrigi for Carol! They are a special treat, especially when they are warm.