Blue skies, white clouds, and green plants...Romania at its best!



It is the season for buttercups.

Quiet and serene, the shores along the edge of the Saon Monastery not too far from Tulcea offer a step back in time.

Carol stands next to what she refers to as a "Jack & Jill" well, but notice the satelite dish on the building behind her!

Looking out over some of the fields that supply food for the monastery.

International Festival of the Danube River

This weekend there was an international festival celebrating all of the countries "touched" by the Danube River.  The main plaza (Piata Civica) in Tulcea was host to singing, dancing, and musical groups using traditional instruments.  The colorful costumes were eye-catching and the dancers were amazing.  These performances were free to the public and great entertainment for the whole family.  In addition, there were vendors selling a beautiful array of flowers and plants as well as handicrafts.

Fancy footwork and acrobatics were the hallmark of the performers from Ukraine.

"I guess we won't have to go workout at the gym tomorrow!"

"Could you move your left foot just a little?"

Victoria is a real pro at flipping those crepes. Rich tried it twice and the results were not so pretty!.

Cooking at the boy's apartment

Every week Victoria cooks with the kids at the apartments: boys one week, girls the next.  Today is was the boy's turn and the menu was inviting.  There was snitzel, cabbage salad, mamaliga, tochitura (a traditional meat stew) and crepes for dessert.  This is a great life skill for both the girls and the boys.

First you slice the chicken...then you pound it. Then you dip it in batter and finally flour before you pan fry it for a few minutes. Yum!

Learning and sharing with others

Lili encourages her small group to think positively about themselves and share their hopes and dreams with each other.  It isn't always easy to describe yourself in positive terms, but Lili provides a safe environment to do this.  After several games we enjoyed pizza, fruit, and prajitura.  When asked what we thought we would be doing in10 years, Rich and I said we hoped we would still be alive and healthy enough to be part of NOROC.😀


Think positively and you will succeed!

No one ever says no to pizza!

Dinner with friends

What is more enjoyable than dinner with friends?  Not much!  Good friends and good food make an enjoyable evening.  Rich and I recently hosted a few of our Romanian friends at Casa Noua:  Petru and Marilena Solca, Dan and Violeta Bandacu, and Violeta's son Cristian.  The menu included Texas style pulled pork and cherry cobbler.  Finding all of the ingredients was not very difficult thanks to the wide variety of foods now available here in Tulcea.  Best of all, it was so much fun to spend time with our guests.

No, we didn't banish Petru to the outside, honest! However, his artistic creativity led him to take a photo from the outside, looking in.

Good friends, good food, and a margarita or two! What more could you want?

Tuica...margaritas...anyone for some wine? Texas style pulled pork deserves the best!

Spring Granny Workshop

Nine Grannies gathered on Saturday morning to get some new ideas for the coming summer months when the kids are on summer vacation.  The last day of school is June 14, so it will be here soon.  Our Grannies work tirelessly to nurture and support the children in their centers.  We appreciate them so much!  They also had a chance to visit with each other and share successes and challenges.


We couldn't do without these wonderful ladies!

Violeta teaches the life skill of computer technology as well as offering a safe environment to gather each week.

Research can be fun...if the motivation is correct!

Computer time at the LCLC

Each Wednesday evening Violeta meets with interested children and youth at the LCLC to help them become more proficient in computer skills.  In addition, they work together to publish a booklet twice a year.  Everyone in the group has a chance to contribute articles for the publication and they are very proud of their work.  This gives them an opportunity to use their creative skills as well.  The NOROC "computer lab" consisits of four laptops, one notebook, a printer, and a scanner.  Three older desktop computers are not routinely used because of their age, so we are hoping to be able to replace them soon.  Other accessory equipment is outdated and is in need of replacement.